Best Kept Secret to Stop Home Foreclosure is a Loan Modification

Chicago Loan Mods has extensive experience working with clients all around the country preventing foreclosures with loan modifications. We work with homeowners to reduce mortgage payments. Which allows for affordable monthly payments and keeps you in your home. We are available to give FREE CONSULTATIONS to answer questions do not hesitate to call us at (312) 690-4194 or through email at

1. Get Educated On The Benefits Of The Loan Modification Process

It would be an understatement to say that the loan modification process is a complex one. This is a very personal situation with countless details to consider, and there is not one catch-all solution that is right for everyone.

The only way to know is to apply and qualify for a loan mod. A skilled and experienced Illinois loan modification attorney will be able to tell you whether or not you will qualify for any type of loan workout, and we’ll also help you understand the options that are available to you. Common solutions include:

Why the Loan Mod Solution Works

  • A Reduction in your Interest Rate
  • A Reduction in the Principal Balance Owed
  • An Extension of the Amortization Period of the Loan
  • A “Partial Claim”, available only to Borrowers of an FHA Loan
  • Get out of Debt and Keep Your Home

How do you get these advantages?

John Buchmiller is an experienced loan modification attorney and has worked with over 1,000+ clients and has successfully saved clients from foreclosure. Experience is everything when your family’s entire financial future is on the line, and we are proud to say that we have several years of experience to offer. To learn more about our background and our mission to save at-risk homeowners from foreclosure, give us a call at 312-690-4194 today.

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2. John Buchmiller Success Rate For Chicago Residents Increases Yearly

Are you struggling to pay your mortgage? Have you come to the realization that you will lose your home and go into foreclosure? I know this can be daunting and it can be frustrating deciding where exactly to start. Do not panic it is important to stay calm and research the process to get understanding and feel knowledgeable about the process of loan modification to prevent foreclosure. Begin by deciding how to stop the foreclosure of your home this can be completed through working with an experienced foreclosure defense attorneys like John Buchmiller. John provides free consultation for all his new clients so you can better access the process and find out if John will be right for you. If you have an idea of the date of sale then it is crucial you contact a loan modification attorney as soon as possible to get you started in the process and see if you qualify for a loan modification that can save your home from and prevent foreclosure.

The loan modification process can reduce your mortgage payments and interest rate and finally get you out of debt that you have accumulated over the years. Sometimes there can be revising of the loan terms and conditions and the debt amount can be restructured and the loan can be extended.

Being behind on your mortgage payment can be a terrible feeling and it can be overwhelming it is very common to feel like you will never be able to get out of debt. That is why it is so important to find a loan modification attorney that you can trust. Working with someone so closely on such an emotional situation needs extra support and sympathy. At Chicago Loan Mods we create relationships that make you feel secure, safe and in control of your situation so we can keep you in your home for future years to come. We will work closely with you to stop foreclosure permanently and depending on your situation get you out of debt faster and avoid losing your home.

3. Why The Process Is Easy & Simple With Chicago Loan Mods

The nation is experiencing more foreclosures than ever before but even though this is true and you’re facing struggles paying your mortgage you still can change losing your home. Loan modification to prevent foreclosure is an option if you qualify and the only way to get financial freedom is speaking with an experienced foreclosure lawyer. The process can begin after missing 2-3 mortgage payments and once you have been served you have 30 days to file. Once you have hit 90 days threshold you can begin the loan modification application and get a hold of your debt, any late fees you have accumulated and the legal costs that will be initiated by the foreclosure process. The loan modification application takes anywhere from 6 months to 18 months for the process to be filed and it is crucial you work with an experienced foreclosure defense attorney. John Buchmiller has been assisting thousands of clients to stop foreclosure and remain in their homes but filing the process soon have you have gone delinquent with your loan is the beginning steps. After the housing industry crashed there has been so many changes in everyone’s lives and so many people are in your similar situation it is important to stay calm and take action.

That is why filing your mortgage loan modification agreement with Chicago Loan Mods after your couple past due payments will give you peace of mind and get you in the loan modification application process as fast as possible. It is by law that your lender can prove to have worked in the courts with defaulted homeowners and finding a qualified lender that will diligently file your application correctly should be your top priority when deciding who to file your loan modification.

4. Foreclosure Lawyer John Buchmiller Has Proven Results

Contact an experienced foreclosure lawyer that resides in your community of Chicago. John understands all the Illinois state requirements and will fight for you and protect your home. At Chicago Loan Mods we are experienced and caring and we build strong cases for our clients. Once you first reach out to us with that initial phone call you will immediately have a better understanding of the process and get clarity. We can answer any questions with our free consultation to allow you to decide if we are right for your loan modification attorneys. Contact us to receive a free consultation today at (312) 690-4194 or through email at

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