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John Buchmiller received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. After obtaining his Undergraduate degree, he took two years off from academia and worked as a Loan Officer for The Mortgage Store, LLC in St. Louis, Missouri. John Buchmiller was promoted from the St. Louis branch to be manager of the Orlando, Florida branch of The Mortgage Store, LLC. In 2007, John Buchmiller foresaw the mortgage crash, and decided to enroll in law school at Thomas M. Colley law school located in Lansing, Michigan. After completing law school and passing the bar exam, John Buchmiller started a company called 2nd Chance Mortgage, LLC, which helped people with Loan Modifications to prevent their homes from going into Foreclosure. During this time, John Buchmiller noticed that several of his Loan Modification clients also had individual and business income tax problems. At this time, John Buchmiller decided to start helping people with their tax problems and started Attorneys Tax Relief, LLC. John Buchmiller currently helps borrowers with saving their home from Foreclosure by negotiating Loan Modifications, and helps people with their income tax debt by representing individuals and businesses before the Internal Revenue Service.

John Buchmiller then wanted to have a full-service Loan Modification and Foreclosure Defense firm, therefore, he started the law firm John Buchmiller & Associates, LLC to be able to service even more of his client’s needs.

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John Buchmiller
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